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THE FIVE - The Top Five Toronto Raptors Dunk Contest Performances

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Top Five Toronto Raptors Dunk Contest Performances

The Toronto Raptors have had their share of contestants in the All-Star Saturday night's dunk contest, and with the 2014 All-Star Saturday in New Orleans tonight, it's only fitting to take a  look back at the best Toronto Raptors All-Star weekend dunk contest performances.  From Jamario Moon to T-Mac to Terrence Ross, Toronto hasn't disappointed in the dunk contest and Terrence Ross will look to this trend and will defend his dunk title tonight.

5.  Apollo 33 - Jamario Moon in the '08 dunk contest.  Solid performance but this was Dwight Howard's year when D12 brought out the Superman dunk.

4.  2000 was a historic dunk contest with both T-Mac and Vince Carter.  Yes, the ol' Raptors glory days when the Toronto had two budding superstars that put Toronto on the map with this dunk contest.

3.  #LetDeMarDunk.  This was the resurgence of the dunk contest and "No Props Needed" DeMar DeRozan put on an amazing dunk contest performance.  No car was used.

2.  Terrence Ross brought the dunk title back to Toronto thirteen years after Carter took the title in 2000.  Drake was in the house to support T-Ross, and the rest was history.

1.  The greatest dunk contest performance.  Ever.

What do you would you rank them?  Let us know in the comments.

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