Friday, October 11, 2013

First Kobe, Now the Raptor - The Raptor mascot out for the season

by Romy Aquino

I think most of us think that NBA mascots are invincible.  They've got those big padded suits, they run around the arena and pull off the most ridiculous stunts and after falling on their mascot faces, it looks like nothing phases them. But this week, all that changed.  Our beloved Raptor mascot, who has been there since the Raptors inception back in '95, went down with an achilles injury in our hometown Halifax last week.

It all went down when the Raptor went to a school visit at Fairview Junior High as part of an anti-bullying campaign. After pulling off what looked to be a standard Raptor acrobatic flip, the mascot hurt his achilles on the landing.  And like Kobe last season, this unexpectedly puts the Raptor on the shelf for the season.  Now, the organization has a backup mascot plan for this season and we'll be interested to see what direction that they'll go.  All we know is that DeMar DeRozan is ready to win games for the Raptor.

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