Monday, February 13, 2012

Hip Hoop Junkies & Hoop Heads North present RAPS TALK Ep. 24 (02.11.2012) with Micah Hart of

Episode 24 of RAPS TALK (02.11.12) - Last week in the NBA has been all about "LIN-SANITY" with the Knicks' Jeremy Lin being the biggest buzz around the NBA.  On this week's podcast we have the perfect person to talk ball and Jeremy Lin, we have interactive producer for and NBA blogger, Micah Hart, of

On this 24th episode of the RAPS TALK podcast, we talk to Micah about his thoughts on NBA All-Star snubs, Jeremy Lin, Will Ferrell, Vince Carter and Micah's thoughts on Canadian basketball being the new pipeline to the NBA.

Make sure you check out Micah's writing at his All Ball blog on and also on the Hang Time podcast with Sekou Smith and Lang Whitaker.  And definitely follow Micah on Twitter: @MicahHart

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