Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Raps Bloggers Make Superbowl Predictions

Well, it's Superbowl Sunday  which means a light day for NBA games.  On top of that, the Raps are on a break for a few days while they travel to Milwaukee for a game on Tuesday night.  So with the light NBA schedule,  I asked a few Raptors bloggers, their predictions onto who was taking home the Vince Lombardi trophy check them out:

Eric Smith, FAN590 (@Eric__Smith
Pick:Predicted Score: 34-31
"Steelers ... 34-31.  I actually just wrote a similar blog myself. " 

Eric's latest post includes predictions from various Raptor personalities like Leo Rautins, Jose Calderon, Matt Devlin, Jack Armstrong and more, definitely check it out.

Audley Stephenson, The Breakdown (@TheAudman
Pick:Predicted Score: 24-17
"Two top defensive teams and I'm torn. My pops was a fan of Steelers and the Iron Curtain I'm going with the Steelers merely on principle."

Ray Bala, RaptorsHQ (@canballreport
Pick:  Predicted Score: 31-24
"I only have two reason's to pick the Steelers: one, I'm really lovin' Troy Pamamlalloloamlo's shampoo commercial 'cause they crack me up and two, I can't root for grown ass men who willingly call themselves Cheeseheads and have game faces on."

James Borbath, Dino Nation Blog (@dinonationblog)
Pick: Predicted Score: 35-24
"As a Cowboy fan, I don't care. Give me Packers 35 Steelers 24 Cheese for EVERYONE!!!"

Tariq Sbiet, North Pole Hoops (@tsbiet)
Pick: Predicted Score: 21-17
"A cowboy fan that is not too fond of the Steelers for various reasons! Pitt. is a great team with great tradition and I respect that. While my mind tells me Steelers are winning the Superbowl, my heart says "Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow""

Payal Doshi, Inside the Purple Room (@raptors_central)
Pick: Predicted Score: 32-26
"Their offense with Rodgers at the helm will spell success! (Who said offense couldn't win a championship?)"

Natasha Alibhai, Heels on Hardwood (@nat77)
Pick: Predicted Score: 24-17
"I picked the Packers at the start of the season but things got messy with all the injuries. They have worked through them and its time for Rodgers to get his shine."

Sean Francois, Hoop Heads North (@SeanFrancois)
Pick: Predicted Score: 24-21
"I give the slight edge to the Pack because of Pouncey being out for the Steelers. I think the Steelers will miss his Pro Bowl level presence at Center, and the Packers playoff momentum will carry them to a Super Bowl victory."

Romy Aquino, Hip Hoop Junkies (@RomyAquino)
Pick:  Predicted Score: 27-21
"In my mind, indirectly the Steelers are the better team....beating the Jets, who were responsible for the beatdown of both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Pittsburgh with the win 27-21."

So it looks like the bloggers are with the Packers tonight...let's see which hoops head gets the pick right!

Enjoy your Superbowl parties tonight, people.

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