Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I may have to start my own website called "" The Rookie-Sophmore rosters were announced today and Toronto's rook and starting shooting guard, DeMar DeRozan didn't make the cut.  Who made the cut for the Rookies? 

  • Tyreke Evans, SAC
  • Jonas Jerebko, DET
  • Jonny Flynn, MIN
  • Taj Gibson, CHI
  • Omri Casspi, SAC
  • James Harden, OKC
  • Stephen Curry, GSW
  • Brandon Jennings, MIL
  • DeJuan Blair, SAS
Who's missing from the list? DeMar.  The guy's not getting any love for the All-Star weekend. First off, he has to particpate in a Dunk-In against the Clippers' Eric Gordon just to get into the dunk contest and now he didn't even make this year's Rookie roster.  DeMar has started at SG for the Raptors this season and averages 8.2 ppg and 2.9 rpg for the season which may not exactly be stellar numbers.

What do you guys think, was he snubbed?  Should he be on the roster?  And if so, who should he be replacing? 

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  1. What a joke Demar has been amazing this year, as a starting shooting guard for his team what other rookie has done more for their team than Demar? I would say demar has given the raptors the best production as a rookie shooting guard , and he deserves a spot in the game, I hope he blows people away in the dunk in and people realize how stupid they were for not letting demar play in the game


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