Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wiz win 106-102, now it's time to panic....

I thought that a new month would be the turning point for the Raptors in their matchup against the losing Wizards, but the Raptors couldn't even stop them last night.

Colangelo said we'd get a good idea on how good this team is after 20 games.  So we're 19 games in and the Raps are 7-12.  At this rate, the Raps will be a below-.500 team at the end of this season, sitting outside the playoff race.  You don't even have to check the boxscore any more; you know that the Raps will have a good first half, and then finish with a horrible second half.  That trend continued last night with the Raps giving up 34 points to the Wizards in the fourth quarter as the 5-10 Wizards pulled out the road win.  How bad is this?  Well, the Raptors were known to play well at home but couldn't even stop the struggling Wizards at the ACC.  Something's wrong with this picture.

Antawn Jamison was the highlight for the Wiz with 30 pts and 12 boards, scoring 10 pts in the fourth.  Could the Raps have won this one?  Turnovers were a factor again as Mr. Fourth Quarter, Hedo Turkoglu, turned the ball over in a key possession with 30 seconds left to play.  Vegas had the Raps as a 6.5 point favourite in this one, man...were they ever off.

Key Notes:
  • Raptors had 15 turnovers, Wizards with 10
  • Jose Caldeon bounced back from his 2-point game with 20 points
  • Bosh picked up his 16th double double with 22 pts and 14 boards
  • Agent Zero had 22 points and 9 dimes
  • Bad 4th quarter for the Raps, shooting 8/23 in the final quarter
  • For a Wizards perspective, check out Agent Dagger
  • DeRozan Watch: 16 min, 2 pts, 2 rebounds
Next up, the Raps are on the road to face the Hawks

Photo credit: (Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images)

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