Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Doubting Thomas December Rankings starring Roko Ukic, POB & Marco Belinelli

Our Aussie homies at NBA Mate put out the December rankings for the prestigious Doubting Thomas Award.  The award recognizes the lesser-known underachievers of the NBA.

How did the Raptors rank in December?

Marco Belinelli ranked #6
Patrick O'Bryant ranked #9 (with his whole 3 minutes of playing time in December)

My pick, Roko Ukic, moved up two spots to the #7 spot with a little help from his performance against the Raptors.  Here's what I had to say about the former Raptor's performance for December:

Highlights: Roko Ukic, Raptor Killer. I was beginning to think that Scott Skiles forgot that Roko was even on his bench. But on December 9th, Skiles gave Roko some love as he took it to his former squad, lighting the Raps up with 17 points (11 in the 4th quarter) and 4 assists in what may have been one of his best games of his career.
Lowlights: Roko fans (all three of us) thought his performance would spark a run of games with actual playing minutes. But after that stellar performance, Roko has faded back in oblivion, racking up another five DNP's...
In an interview with Eric Smith of the FAN590, Roko expressed the he hasn't been too happy with his time in Milwaukee as he has been playing limited minutes behind the likes of Brandon Jennings and Luke Ridnour. He also described the the city of Milwaukee to be "not that great" as Toronto was more of international city and Milwaukee is more of an "American" city. Apparently, Roko had the opportunity to join Olympiakos in Europe during this offseason and play with the likes of Linas Kleiza, Von Wafer (who was recently waived) and Josh Childress but couldn't accept the offer at that time. The opportunity would have given Roko a lot more playing time and a chance to play on a great European ball club. Now he's stuck on the bench in Milwaukee.

Interesting fact about Roko (from the interview): When Brandon Jennings played in Europe, Jennings was the backup to Roko's former backup in Roko is Brandon Jennings' backup. What a crazy world we live in.
To see the full post, check out NBA Mate....

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