Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'More Than A Game' is More Than a 'Lebron' Movie

On Monday night, my buddy Sean was able to score some advance screening tickets to see the new hoops flick 'More Than A Game' here in Halifax.  Unfortunatley for Sean, he wasn't able to make it due to prior commitments but fortunately for me, I was able to scoop them up! If you are unaware of this movie, it's a documentary directed by Kristopher Belman about Lebron James, his crew of friends and their quest to becoming one of the best high school basketball teams in the country.  

First of all, this isn't a 'Lebron James' movie.  For those who thought it was a movie about a bunch of dudes throwing up alley hoop passes to Lebron every five seconds, it's not.  It's a story of high school coach Dru Joyce II from Akron, Ohio who follows his coaching dream and coaches his son and young group of friends throughout the basketball ranks.  The story is about friendship, the struggles of a father-son/coach-player relationship and the pursuit of following your dreams.  It is a 'must see' for hoop heads with a lot great footage from the crew's childhood games into their nationally televised high school games.   And the great thing about it is that you're watching  footage of a young Lebron mold  from a child into a man.

Director Kristopher Belman did an excellent job of making the friendship of the 'Fab 4': Lebron, Dru Joyce III (Who by the way, totally resembles a mini-Amare Stoudemire), Willie McGee and Sian Cotton, the primary focus of the film (who turned into the 'Fab 5' with the addition of Romer Travis).  The had that Adidas vibe of 'Basketball is a Brotherhood'. 

Anyhow, whether you're a Lebron-hater or Lebron-lover, you'll love this movie.

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  1. Nice wrap up my friend! I'm hoping to catch it eventually - haha :)


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