Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Join the "FOLLOW 13POB13" movement!

Twitter nation, ask yourself one question.  Are you following 13POB13?

Who is 13POB13?
If you're on Twitter and you're not following him yet, he's Patrick O'Bryant from your Toronto Raptors!

Why follow Patrick O'Bryant?
  1. Because he's Patrick O'Bryant.
  2. He loves you.
  3. He's also planning on giving away free regular season tickets to Raptors games if he reaches 2000 followers by NBA opening night!
How do I follow Patrick O'Bryant?
Click here and press 'Follow' and change your twitter profile pic to the "FOLLOW 13POB13" logo to join the movement.

Right click and get your own "FOLLOW 13POB13" logo here:

Tell a friend to tell a friend, join the movement and show 13POB13 some love by following him on Twitter! Use the tag #follow13POB13

While you're at it follow these Toronto Raptor players: @Demar_DeRozan, @ReggieEvans30, @Jarrettjack03, @chrisbosh, @sonny13 

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