Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 Q's of Basketball with Kat from the Raptors Dance Pak

Toronto hoops fans probably know Kat from the Rapors Dance Pak, she also gave fans a behind-the-scenes look of the Dance Pak on  NBA XL and Twitter nation knows her as @RaptorspaceKat.  On top of that, she is also the new host of the new Raptors fan show, Raptorspace soon to be on Raptors TV.  I asked Kat a few questions on hoops, the Dance Pak and got the scoop on the new show.

Hip Hoop Junkies: You're the captain of the Raptors Dance Pak, what is your background with the Dance Pak? How long have you been with the squad?

Kat: This is my fourth season with the Dance Pak. I auditioned for the squad a week after graduating from theatre school and have been enjoying the ride every since. I stepped into the captain position last year and am happy to be sharing the same duties this season.

Hip Hoop Junkies: You're also the host of the new show for Raps TV called Raptorspace. What's the scoop on the show and when is it set to air?

Kat: Raptorspace is all about the fans! We want to feature them discussing what’s hot and happening in Raptorland so look out for my co-host Akil and I on Raptorspace.com and around the ACC during home games. Fans can go to Raptorspace.com and post their videos so we can put them on tv! The show debuts October 29th at 6:30 pm (EST) and will air every week throughout the season on Raptors TV and Raptors.com.

Hip Hoop Junkies: Besides the Raptors, what other NBA players/teams do you enjoy watching play when they're in Toronto?

Kat: I always love when familiar faces of the past come back to town and this year brings even more of those moments since the team got a big makeover this season. I’m looking forward to opening night at the ACC when Parker and Moon are back on Raptor turf along with Lebron and Shaq when the Cavs visit. I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time down in LA during Lakers playoff madness this past spring and I’d have to say being with the hometown Lakers fans was absolutely wild too. When you got a whole crew of people that breathe basketball in the same place it’s always a great time.

Hip Hoop Junkies: The crowd can play a large role in how well the team plays. When the Raps are getting blown out of the water, how hard is it to get the crowd back into it?

Kat: In the end there are always those die hard Raptors fans in the stands that never stop giving the love. And we (the dance pak) definitely feed off of the fans vibe too to keep the energy and cheering up throughout the tough times. I’m an optimistic person at heart and believe that at any moment things can turn around.

Hip Hoop Junkies: Bonus question, what's the best song to get the Toronto crowd hype?

Kat: Hmm .. Anything with a good beat and hip hop vibe seems to always get the crowd going .. Toronto loves their hip hop music! I like hearing anything by Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce or Drake. Check out the intro video mix this year. I think it’ll get both the players and the crowd ready for the game.

A huge thanks goes out to Kat for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview, check out Kat at the ACC during this season's Raptors games and on Raptorspace.com...

Check out the promo for the show:

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